DS500 Dual Scan Pinless Wood Moisture Meter

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  • Dual scan pinless moisture meter measures depths of either 0.75” (1.9cm) or 0.25” (0.6cm)
  • Easily adjustable hardwood and softwood species settings
  • Digital display with moisture content readings between 6% and 32%
  • Can be used on other building materials such as drywall for relative readings

The Bessemeter DS500 Dual Scan Pinless Wood Moisture Meter provides near-instantaneous moisture measurement readings for quickly scanning softwood and hardwood pieces to determine moisture pockets. Woodworking professionals and hobbyists alike will appreciate the comfortable yet rugged design built for any wood moisture measurement applications. The Calibration Verification Reference (sold separately) allows you to check the calibration of the DS500 quickly and easily.

The DS500 Dual Scan Pinless Wood Moisture Meter measures to a depth of either 0.75” (1.9cm) or 0.25” (0.6cm) according to deep or shallow measurement settings selected by the user. The DS500 measures moisture in all softwood and hardwood species and features a digital display showing moisture content percentages between 6% and 32%. Protected by a 2-year warranty, the DS500 features a reading “Hold” function and comes with a hardshell carrying case.


Meter Manual & Species Settings Table
Product Brochure



  • Length: 5.60 inches (142mm)
  • Width: 2.80 inches (71mm)
  • Thickness: 0.86 inches (22mm)


  • 5.44 ounces (154.2 g) with the battery
  • 3.92 ounces (111.1 g) without the battery

Scanning Area:

  • 2.0 inches (51mm) x 2.5 inches (64mm)

Measurement Depth:

  • S300: 1/4" (6mm) depth
  • D300: 3/4" (19mm) depth
  • DS500: 1/4" (6mm) and 3/4" (19mm) depth

Specific Gravity Range:

MC Range:

  • 6.0% to 32.0% MC range for wood


  • 0.1%

Auto Power Shutdown:

  • 60 seconds


  • 9V battery (Bessemeter recommends using non-rechargeable Alkaline or Lithium, or rechargeable NiMH batteries)

Operating Temperature:

  • +32 deg F to +110 deg F (+0 deg C to +43 deg C)

Storage Temperature and Humidity:

  • +50 deg F to +90 deg F (+10 deg C to +32 deg C)
  • Maximum relative humidity of 95%, non-condensing

8 reviews for DS500 Dual Scan Pinless Wood Moisture Meter

  1. Amazon Customer

    Easy to use
    I can’t speak to its accuracy because I have nothing to compare it to, so I’m trusting that it is accurate. It comes with a plate for checking calibration and it’s within tolerance every time so I feel fairly confident that it’s accurate. I thought that I would be able to calibrate it with the plate, but it is only for checking the calibration. It’s very easy to use and set up for different woods. I would recommend this product.

  2. Keppy Lopez – Amazon Customer

    Excellent tool for our workshop
    -Compact size.
    -Includes a hard case.
    -Dual scan and pinless features.

    -I would prefer an app or bluetooth features.

    I ordered the Bessemeter DS500 Pinless Wood Moisture Meter. I like the quick read out and pinless usage. I like the various features, the hard case and the included calibration platform. I like that the meter is light weight and has consistent readings. The unit uses a 9 volt battery that is included. Overall, this is great addition to our workshop.

  3. Jordan – Amazon Customer

    Moist wood!
    I have wanted one of these for a very long time, and never realized all the things I could use it for! It even works for concrete, and now I know when my basement is getting a little too moist and it’s ready for the dehumidifier.

    Easy to use, and the instructions are easy to follow, especially with the calibration platform that’s included! The day I received this I went around the house checking all my hardwood floors, closets, basement, and anywhere else I could think! Not to mention all the pieces of hardwood and decorative wood I have in my shop to work with. Now I know if a piece of wood is ready to be worked with or not. The big bonus here is that you don’t have to jam pins inside the wood and potentially damage the wood you’re going to work with.

    This is a really good moisture detector, and I absolutely love the thing, highly recommend!!

  4. Mark Hay – Amazon Customer

    Solid and high quality device
    It is a moisture meter that I can use almost anywhere. It’s advantageous not to have to stab things.

  5. Amazon Customer

    Impressive non destructive moisture meter….
    IF you work in construction, and are not requiring very accurate reading, or putting holes in your material
    the pin type have their place.
    A good pinless meter like this is mostly for (not exclusively) for fine woodworking…. why? Cause when u are building furniture, you work with wood that is often 3/4-2″ thick… a pin meter only reads on moisture between the pins. That is not always representative of the moisture 3/4″ deep…. u want all your wood at the same moisture content before milling and or joining, so it moves at the same rate in the future.
    This meter is the only high quality meter I have seen other than the industry standard, Wagner. I checked this against my Wagner meter with Cherry, Oak, Maple, Marblewood, Walnut and Pine…. the readings were near spot on with the Wagner, that is the best reference I have.
    the unit comes with a calibration stand, good instructions and the read out is easy to read.
    The price might seem high if u are coming from pin meters, but check out Wagners prices to compare to this meter, and you will see how price competitive this is…
    hard to find a flaw here, 5 stars, recommended!

  6. Chris English – Amazon Customer

    Great product
    Great product would recommend it.

  7. Osteen Meats – Amazon Customer

    Good value
    I purchased an open box Wagner Orion 910 on Ebay and had to send back due to up/down buttons being inoperative. With very few Youtube reviews to rely on I decided to take a chance on the Bessemeter. Having handled both the Wagner and Bessemeter one would think they were made by the same manufacturer. I believe the Bessemeter is a good value considering it has the same features as the dual depth Wagner 930 for $155 less even though the Wagner has a 7 year warranty and the Bessemeter a 2 year. I gave a 4 star accuracy since I could not compare myself but noted another rating claimed this meter to be as accurate as the Wagner.

  8. Christopher Moore – Amazon Customer

    Don’t get caught by hidden moisture!
    All wood workers know the feeling, you spend weeks working to bring your masterpiece to life, hours of sanding. The. As you watch your finish dry it happens, uneven color penetration, odd looking finish, glazed look to your lacquer. You missed a wet spot in the board. This is a very good moisture meter that will find those damp areas that need the little extra time to dry that get missed by the standard double pin style moisture meter.

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