D300 Deep Scan Pinless Wood Moisture Meter

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  • Deep scan pinless moisture meter measures to a depth of 0.75” (1.9cm)
  • Easily adjustable hardwood and softwood species settings
  • Digital display with moisture content readings between 6% and 32%
  • Can be used on other building materials such as drywall for relative readings

The Bessemeter D300 Deep Scan Pinless Wood Moisture Meter provides near-instantaneous moisture measurement readings for quickly scanning softwood and hardwood pieces to determine moisture pockets. Woodworking professionals and hobbyists alike will appreciate the comfortable yet rugged design built for any wood moisture measurement applications. The Calibration Verification Reference (sold separately) allows you to check the calibration of the D300 quickly and easily.

The D300 measures to a depth of 0.75” (1.9cm) inside all species of softwood and hardwood and features a digital display that shows moisture content percentages between 6% and 32%. Protected by a 2-year warranty, the D300 features a reading “Hold” function and comes with a hardshell carrying case.


Meter Manual & Species Settings Table
Product Brochure



  • Length: 5.60 inches (142mm)
  • Width: 2.80 inches (71mm)
  • Thickness: 0.86 inches (22mm)


  • 5.44 ounces (154.2 g) with the battery
  • 3.92 ounces (111.1 g) without the battery

Scanning Area:

  • 2.0 inches (51mm) x 2.5 inches (64mm)

Measurement Depth:

  • S300: 1/4" (6mm) depth
  • D300: 3/4" (19mm) depth
  • DS500: 1/4" (6mm) and 3/4" (19mm) depth

Specific Gravity Range:

MC Range:

  • 6.0% to 32.0% MC range for wood


  • 0.1%

Auto Power Shutdown:

  • 60 seconds


  • 9V battery (Bessemeter recommends using non-rechargeable Alkaline or Lithium, or rechargeable NiMH batteries)

Operating Temperature:

  • +32 deg F to +110 deg F (+0 deg C to +43 deg C)

Storage Temperature and Humidity:

  • +50 deg F to +90 deg F (+10 deg C to +32 deg C)
  • Maximum relative humidity of 95%, non-condensing

15 reviews for D300 Deep Scan Pinless Wood Moisture Meter

  1. Ron Killian – Amazon Customer

    Quality meter and seems to be accurate…
    I am a very avid woodworker and one thing that has been missing from my tool arsenal is a moisture meter. Could very well be why some of my finish jobs don’t turn out as good as I’d like. I am also re-doing much of my deck, the new lumber is very wet, so would be nice to know when I can get some sealer on it.

    I’ve actually been looking at moisture meters, pinless in particular (who wants holes in their projects?) and the good ones are quite pricey. This a real bargain compared to something like a Wagner. It might not have as many features as the big ticket ones, but for people like me, I just need to know if the wood is dry enough. Has everything I would need.

    It is suppose to be calibrated from the factory and it is very close. Using the included calibration board, it was mostly spot on. Moving it around a little, or putting more or less pressure get’s slight variation, but I’ve only seen .1% difference and that is within the tolerance they claim. More than accurate enough for me. Does any one need more accuracy than that?

    The big part, you need to pick the right species, which is included in the instruction/manual. While they have quite a list, I have found a couple missing, doing a quick check of some of the species I have, exotic woods actually. If they are serious about this, they REALLY need to have something like an online chart that is updated all the time. The included chart is going to get outdated, probably quickly. They do have the manual online, but not just the species chart. Hope they will read this. And of course, you’ll need to make sure you keep the species chart somewhere safe, like in the case, you’ll need it.

    The case for this is pretty nice, more than well made for it’s purpose. Perfect to keep it safe and clean. Plus, a good place to store the species chart.

    I do not have a way to verify the accuracy of this unit, but as I said, it verifies on the calibration stand. And seems to be correct. I want to try and find some one that might have a meter to double check this. My local old time lumber yard might, I am going to check. If I find anything different, I will update this.

    So far I really like this. Well made, works great, price is good, would gladly recommend.

  2. Amazon Customer

    Exactly as described, quality product!
    Will definitely recommend to others.

  3. Harold McFarland – Amazon Customer

    Simple to operate and appears to be accurate
    To test this meter I had some wood that had been involved in a water pipe break incident. So, I knew where the water was the most abundant and what the dispersion pattern should look like as it moved further away from the point where the water had been.

    I was able to follow the water and watch the meter going down as I moved it up the piece of wood and away from the part that had been in the water. It even did a good job on particle board and drywall. I knew where the drywall had been wet and was able to determine how far up the wall the water had affected the drywall to determine if I should replace part or all of it.

    The damage restoration people came in with their stuff and I could check each day to see how well their equipment was drying out the various areas. I even checked my reading against their fancy meter that punctured two small holes in the wall in order to get an accurate reading and this meter was very close to their readings.

    I would recommend this to anyone who wants to know the level of moisture in wood, drywall, particle board, and other building materials when troubleshooting or fixing a water related issue. It worked very well for me.

  4. Amazon Customer

    Nice device
    Home woodworkers and even handymen have a hard time determining whether wood has the correct moisture to be worked. Traditionally you would use a device with pins which would penetrate the wood and measure the conductivity of the wood allowing an interpolation of how much water it contained.

    This measures 3/4″ into the wood and returns a percentage moisture on the screen without damaging the wood or penetrating it with sensor pins.

    The kit also contains a reference pad so that you can calibrate the device as needed– a reassuring thing to be able to do.

    Using it is easy and straightforward. The percentage simply is read from the screen.

    The results are repeatable and provide some comfort that the information it is imparting is accurate.

  5. Ashly L – Amazon Customer

    Pinless and Easy to Use
    This is what I have been looking for! No more pin holes in the walls trying to figure out the moisture content. Due to flooding this allows me to see how much moisture is in our wood, etc. A must for property management!

  6. John P. – Amazon Customer

    An accurate meter with simple controls, a real winner!
    I am very impressed with this moisture meter, and I’ve used many of them over the years. A non-contact moisture meter like this is essential for woodworking and building because it gives you an understanding if the wood you are using will shrink or expand after construction but it does not damage the workpiece.

    This meter has simple controls, which require no special memorization of a procedure. The manual has an extensive table of wood species and the related specific gravity of each, so you pick the specific gravity of the wood you are using, plug it into the meter, and start measuring.

    What I especially like is the calibration stand which comes with the meter. This stand allows you to test the calibration of the unit in an instant so that you know it is accurate. No other moisture meter I’ve ever used comes with this feature. In my testing it worked very well and the unit came perfectly calibrated.

    There is a hold button to save a measurement, and an audio on/off button to have the unit beep when buttons are pressed. The 9 volt battery slips in easily and does not require those old-school snaps. A strong storage case is also included.

    This is my new favorite moisture meter, and I can recommend it without reservation. I’m going to store it on my tool trailer since the case will protect it during travel and it will be so useful on jobsites.

  7. Amazon Customer

    Works well for wood that has planed
    My husband had been wanting a moisture meter for awhile. He does basic woodworking for our house and small projects in his spare time.

    He felt it worked well for lumber that had already been planed and that it was likely to be accurate in that case.

    However, he tried it on rough-sawn lumber and he didn’t think it worked as well. He knew it wasn’t accurate in that case. However, he said since most people are using planed lumber, this meter should work just fine.

    Overall the instructions were decently written and helpful in learning to use this product. There is one minor thing where it says materials button on tool but in the book it says species button. Otherwise, everything was just as it should be.

  8. K. Bunker – Amazon Customer

    Seems good.
    Bessemeter isn’t one of the top names in high-end moisture meters, but this meter seems to be good enough to justify its price. I don’t own another pinless deep-scan meter to compare the readings of this one with, but I can say that the readings it puts out are at least consistent. Also the reading when using the included calibration/verification surface was spot on. The included manual is well written, and includes a huge list of woods with each species’ corresponding number that you enter into the meter to calibrate it for that particular type of wood. The manual even says you can contact the company if you need a calibration number for a species of wood not on the list.
    I’d say this is a moisture meter you can rely on.

  9. Amazon Customer

    No more pins!
    This has truly been a lifesaver— if you are a handy person and constantly working on DIY projects like me, this wood moisture detector will make all your projects goof-proof. I am currently working on staining a deck for my sister who just bought some property in the Pacific Northwest. Because the wood there retains moisture from the moisture in the air, the stain soaks in and can cause damage to the wood that would erode it over time. This wood moisture detector is SO specific that it tells you when there is even a .1% difference in the moisture. When you’re working with specific kinds of wood, this difference can be crucial. Of course, the best part about this is that you don’t have to damage or pin your wood at all to get a read on it. The actual remote itself is durable and perfect for travel. It has a hard plastic exterior that hasn’t cracked despite it sitting at the bottom of my toolbox for some time and getting hammers and screwdrivers tossed on top of it. It is battery operated too so no charging is needed!

    Because it only takes one scan to get the moisture read that you need to do your work, I have found that the battery life feels almost exponential! I have used this several times and it shuts off on its own to preserve the battery, lasts for a long, long time, and has an easy-to-read screen. The buttons are easy to press and simple to read. I truly have no complaints!

    If you’re in the market for a moisture meter that tells you exactly what you need to know—nothing more, nothing less— then this is the one for you!

  10. Tom – Amazon Customer

    Bessemeter D300 Pinless Wood Moisture Meter
    I had not had any experience with the Bessemeter brand until now. I have to say I’m impressed with the build quality and more importantly the accuracy and performance of this meter. I compared readings against my FLIR MR60 as well as my Protimeter BLD5365, both of which cost considerably more than this unit. The readings between meters were within 2/10th’s of a percentage. Spot on I’d say. Easy to use and controls are very intuitive. Not a budget meter by any means but a quality meter at a reasonable price.

  11. N. Baerreis – Amazon Customer

    Really handy tool if you’re cutting large pieces of wood into smaller ones
    We frequently take large pieces of lumber and store them for a long period of time before making them into smaller furniture or bandsaw boxes – when you’re cutting a large chunk of wood into thinner pieces you run the risk of those pieces warping and twisting if the original piece isn’t consistently dry. Lumber will stabilize over a long period of time, so storing it for a while first helps – but if the environment they’re stored in gets damp or the humidity in it fluctuates too much then you can have an unevenly dry log pretty easily. Making a cut and testing the moisture levels across the log will tell you whether the inside has higher moisture content than the outside and it’ll allow you to predict what pieces will and won’t warp.

    On a larger scale this means that you’re wasting less time making things that aren’t going to work out. You pre-qualify logs to get the best end result.

    This is the sort of tool that can make your job easier. This particular one matches my other moisture meters and feels durable. I’ve been using it for about a month now with great results. Definitely recommended for woodworkers

  12. Patrick – Amazon Customer

    Good to have on hand in case of flooding
    After having to pay to have someone come and remediate water damage which mainly consisted of using one of these and a dehumidifier. I decided to get one of my one. This works very well giving you the moisture percentage of wood scanned/probed. Great way to see if you have waterlogged struts in the house after water damage events.

  13. Amazon Customer

    Didn’t even know this was a thing!
    I needed a wood moisture meter, but didn’t even know there were pinless ones. Seems to work just as well as normal ones while also supposedly being able to get deeper readings, so win win

  14. Amazon Customer

    Bessemeter D300 is a good deep scan moisture meter
    The Bessemeter D300 deep scan moisture meter does not have a country of origin indicated in the Amazon description, and is likely made in PRC (china). The calibration tool does not fit inside the included case, something I would ask Bessemeter to consider. The unit seems mostly accurate, measuring on the higher end (~17%) of the scale when put on the calibration tool. I have used this unit along with a moisture meter that uses pins, and found the Bessemeter to be consistently higher than the D300, even on kiln dried wood. The D300 is straightforward to use, just be sure to adjust your specific gravity to the wood species being examined.

  15. Amazon Customer

    When you need to know
    I am so glad this is pinless. That make a huge difference. Just the other day I was thinking about how my life is so much better because this product is pinless

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