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Pinless Wood Moisture Meters


DeepScan Pinless Wood Moisture Meter – Moisture readings from deep inside the wood.

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The S300 ShallowScan Pinless Wood Moisture Meter – Targeted moisture readings for precision applications.

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Dual-depth scanning for jobs requiring maximum versatility.

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Bessemeter Wood Moisture Meter Calibration Verification Reference

The Bessemeter Wood Moisture Meter Calibration Verification Reference

Check the calibration of your Bessemeter wood moisture meter quickly and easily.

Get the Best Meter for the Job

Wood moisture content is a large factor in determining how your wood will perform during and after the building or crafting process. As the wood moisture content changes, wood expands or contracts. If these changes aren’t controlled or accounted for, the various circumstances of expansion or contraction can significantly affect the whole product or project. From building materials to hobby projects, accurate moisture measurement is critical to success. Bessemeter pinless electronic wood moisture meters are simple to use, highly accurate, and built rugged for consistent, accurate readings in harsh environments. You need a Bessemeter.


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