About Bessemeter

Our Story

Bessemeter started with both accuracy and economy at the top of our priority list. We are passionate about providing high quality, easy, and accurate moisture measurement tools to assist professionals and hobbyists that work with wood and other building materials. To this end, we’ve worked hard to design a line of wood moisture meters that provides all the accuracy and scientific technology of the highest priced meters, but within a design that fits both your hand and your budget.

At Bessemeter, every moisture meter provides scientific accuracy at the simple touch of a button. With features like dual depth readings, impact-resistant plastic bodies, or streamlined handling, Bessemeter’s full line of wood moisture meters are designed to stand up to the job site.

If it’s Bessemeter, it’s simply better.

Mission Statement

Bessemeter is committed to providing affordable, accurate, and easy-to-operate wood moisture meters. We understand the joy of working with wood, and we know the importance of monitoring moisture content as you do. Wood moisture measurement shouldn’t be complicated, so our meters offer simple features that are easy to understand and use for the most accurate results. That being said, our moisture meters have all the precision and technology necessary to do the job right because an ounce of prevention really is worth a pound of cure. Choose Bessemeter technology with confidence. We’re simply better

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