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Bessemeter Introduces 3 New, Highly Accurate Wood Moisture Meters

Portland, OR (March 2022) – Bessemeter is pleased to announce its new line of highly accurate pinless wood moisture meters, specially engineered and designed for use by woodworkers, cabinet makers, flooring professionals, building inspectors, hobbyists, and others.

Accuracy, as well as a professional-grade meter at an affordable price, are the core features of every Bessemeter pinless moisture meter. Bessemeter’s new pinless meters are extremely accurate, plus they’re reasonably priced with a pleasing design that fits both your hand and your budget.

Bessemeter’s new moisture meter line-up includes 3 pinless models: the D300 DeepScan meter, the S300 ShallowScan meter, and the DS500 DualScan meter. You can choose a model that fits your needs—whether you’re looking for a meter with deep-scanning or shallow-scanning capability or you need the versatility that comes with a dual-depth meter.

All Bessemeter pinless meters are non-destructive, accurate, fast, and easy to use. This makes them the perfect choice for anyone who wants to prevent a moisture-related headache when working with wood, while still avoiding the unsightly pinholes associated with a pin-type moisture meter.

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About Bessemeter: With both accuracy and economy at the top of our priority list, we are passionate about providing high-quality, accurate moisture measurement tools at an affordable price. Wood moisture measurement shouldn’t be complicated, which is why our meters offer simple, easy-to-use features for getting the most accurate results.