Prevent Moisture-Related Failures
Use an Accurate Pinless Wood Moisture Meter

Take advantage of an affordable and accurate pinless wood moisture meter from Bessemeter. Stop wasting money on moisture-related failures by using a Bessemeter moisture meter today.

Bessemeter Pinless Wood Moisture Meters

Will you be testing moisture in deep or shallow wood or both? Bessemeter gives you a choice between three pinless moisture meters. You can have a dual-depth, a deep-depth, or a shallow-scanning moisture meter. Whichever you need, we have the right moisture meter at the right price.

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A Simple Way to Test Moisture in Wood

pinless moisture meter for wood
A yellow Bessemeter D300 wood moisture meter

Use an accurate moisture meter to scan the wood and take moisture readings easily. Stop wasting time and money guessing if your wood is dry enough to work with. Guessing or using a moisture meter that isn’t accurate can cause moisture-related issues. Knowing you’re getting accurate readings will give you more confidence and less worry about having to redo flooring or another project.

trusted pinless moisture meters
bessemeter pinless moisture meter kit
Bessemeter D300 deep scan pinless wood moisture meter
moisture meters for wood


Moisture Testing

Woodworking professionals and hobbyists alike will appreciate the comfortable yet rugged design built for any wood moisture measurement applications. All meters include a FREE Calibration Verification Reference and are protected by a two-year warranty.

Compare Pinless Moisture Meters
A yellow Bessemeter D300 wood moisture meter

Choose the Right Pinless Wood Moisture Meter

flooring moisture meter

Whether you’re a woodworker, flooring installer, DIYer, luthier, or another type of professional needing to test moisture, we have a great meter that will work perfectly for your needs. Our pinless moisture meters were built to provide accurate moisture readings at an affordable price. Choose yours today and enjoy free shipping.


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